We at Project Jugaad take your company’s personality and translate into visual design to create a lasting impression on your target audience.

Logo Design
Simplified lines: One of the major brand identity elements is Logo. If you wish to be noticed in a crowd, you have to have a logo that stands out. You’ve come just to the right place.

Brochure Design
A brochure is a compact tool for marketing and a great medium to create brand awareness. We will help you create the brochure. From conceptualization to design outline to the final design, we will do all of it for you. We offer you the best themes for a bi-fold or a tri-fold brochure with a balance of content and images.

Graphic Designing

Banner Design
Our design specialists understand your requirements and are equipped to present unique and eye-catching designs. With our banner designs, clients are sure to enhance their online presence and website traffic. We offer standard and vertical designs, static website banners, GIFs, and flash banners, etc.

Flyer Design
Want to make announcements or communicate new offers?
Flyers are the right marketing tool for you. Our team has the ability to create flyers with crisp content, impressive images, and striking designs that convey the message at a glance.

Want to present complicated data in a simplified manner?
Info-graphics are the way to go.  Our team combines information + graphics and converts it into a visual representation that is appealing and easy to understand.

UI Design
User Interface is very crucial for the initial perception of a brand. We design across platforms, be it web, mobile, or tablets. We focus on visual design, information architecture, and interaction design for a seamless user experience.

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We also provide Technology suggestion based on your budget & business need.