We offer end to end DevOps services helping organizations to integrate software development and IT operations. We facilitate communication, collaboration, and integration that results in an efficient operational performance with faster development and deployment of products, services, and applications.

Infrastructure Management
Our mature cloud DevOps structure combines configuration management, infrastructure automation, and analytics results in a sturdy infrastructure that is a perfect fit for growth and efficiency for your business. We also manage Cloud and on-premises infrastructure to improve the scalability and dependability.

Deployment Automation
With Deployment Automation, we position the software for testing and production surrounding with the click of a button. The Project Jugaad offers an inclusive result for change management, release management, setups, and performance optimization. We assure you of a faster product development life cycle and increased nimbleness.

DevOps Services

Continuous Integration with Checks
With our continuous integration, we help in amalgamating individual code into the master copy of the code. Every check-in is substantiated at the beginning itself by qualifying it through automated building and testing. With the Continuous Integration process, developers get feedback within no time as there is no need to wait for other developers to complete their coding or check-ins.

Tracking and Monitoring
We ensure that the software performs functions smoothly with no glitches or bugs. We also focus on monitoring the software in a live environment for its availability and stability. We aim at understanding our client’s requirements and how their customers and end-users interact with the software and accordingly monitor the software until there are no concerns reported.

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We also provide Technology suggestion based on your budget & business need.