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Admission Process System


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29-06-2014 21:51:03

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Jaydeep Pandya

Abstract :

As the collage is consisting a large number of students who are coming for the various courses.So it is necessary to keep their records of their Personal Information, Fees Report and Academic Details.

The Current administration process system, which undergoes through the procedure of manual data entry for all the departments.
It uses the simple Excel Sheets for each data entry. So the major problem occurs is to maintain those data order wise and get the various reports from those data. Hence, it is a very time consuming and complicated process. The “Admission Process System” has been developed.

The “Admission Process System” is a web based application and runs the Intranet, so all the records is going to be stored into the specific database server and hence it will be available for all the time and anywhere on the intranet server for the authorized users.

As it contains the records of the various departments and the procedures of the administration and admission processes, it is in need of the reports also.
So, it has the feature of generating the reports in the formats of .xls and .pdf files.

Description :

The project “Admission Process System” is going to be intranet based application that will be more efficient for institute in maintaining and managing the students’ Personal Information, Previous Academic Details, Course Details, Semester Details, Department Details, Fees Details etc records and will be more comfortable for the administration department and the staff users of the system to have the records of the data available.

The current system being used for maintaining and managing the records explained above compromises the use of Microsoft Office application like MS Excel. Therefore, the current system is totally based on manual efforts at all levels in all processes that comprise the records data management.

The current system that utilizes Excel sheets for storing and keeping track of records is an inefficient one. It requires redundant copies to be distributed to the entire concerned user for viewing the records. This leads to wastage of many institutional resources that can be put to a better use in any other area to yield more fruitful results.

The current System is also prone to errors at various stages of the process as all the processes require a lot of human effort to make the data entries, which in turn leads to multiple records available of the same copy of data set in an inconsistent form throughout the institute.

To overcome the disadvantages of the current system, the new proposed system “Admission Process System” is going to be a web application that would run on an intranet inside the institute and utilize a centralized database to store all the result records of the students.

In order to take care of two main functional problems of first, High probability of error and Second, Inconsistency of records the proposed system is going to automate the process of data entry to the maximum extend possible. And as of solving the problem of inconsistency, the propose system will be utilizing a centralized MySQL database that is the fastest open-source database available which requires minimal system resources for it to be operational, that would make it possible to provide a single copy of the records throughout the institute for updating and modifications. This would keep the records consistent.

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