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Tours And Travels Management System


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29-06-2014 16:09:04

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Himatsinh Chauhan

Abstract :

Online Tour and Traveling Booking is a system that gives you facility of booking any type of Tours and Travels.This system is made so that Customer will not have to Come to us to Book his\her Tours.The project ‘Tours and Travels Management System’ is developed to replace the currently existing system, which helps in keeping records of the customer,details of destination as well as payment received.In the present era where “time” proves to be the most important asset for an individual by
replacing the current register system to fully computerize, it not only saves the precious asset that is time, but also accuracy, reliability and uniformity can be maintained.This project is useful for the manager of the company as it helps them to search the data faster than existing system, to get customer record easily and report of the customer, payment, etc are generated as per requirement.

Description :

Tours & Travels Management System Transport solution to the different companies situated locally in the many districts and it organizes tours to various part of
 the country. Earlier all the processes were done manually.The manual process is done by maintaining the details of the tours,employees and their customers.

1)  Employee Details :
Details of the employees of the system is maintained in the office.It includes details of both the moving staff (driver) and the non-moving staff (clerk).
Details related to the salary of the employees is maintained.Salary of the clerk and the manager is calculated on the basis of monthly attendance and the salary of
the driver is calculated on the basis of the trips made by the drivers.Salary of the employees are deducted on the basis of absence made by the employee.
Details of no. of days the employee remained absent in a month is also maintained.

2) Tour Details :
Details of different types of tours which includes tours like family tours,couple tours,general tours,date and time of departure and the fair of the tours etc are
maintained. As the customer ask for the details of a particular tour, the clerk gives the details of the related place where he/she wants to go and the date and time
of the tour, no. of seats available of that particular tour, fair of the tour, details of discount on a particular tour package if any. Clark also guides the customer
by giving the details of the forthcoming tours with the probable date and time.Details of types of bus like 3x2 or 2x2 for the tours. Details of total no. of days of
the tour and the places to visit during the tour is also maintained. Details of the pick-up facilities and the drop facilities are also maintained if any.

3) Hotel Details :
Details of the hotels in which the accommodation of the customer will be done during the tours.Details like availability of meals, station-pickup and drop facility and
contact no. of the hotels are also provided to the customers on special request.


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