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Vendor Call Management System


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29-06-2014 15:23:25

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Monika Solanki, Neelam Narsingani

Abstract :

The Vendor Call Management System (VCMS) is a web application which is intended to provide complete solution for Company to manage the vendor’s inspection call for electronic items prepared by them through a single gateway using the Internet as the sole medium. It will provide vendors, Company Employee and Third Party to have their personal log in account. If company give order of materials to vendor manually, then vendor will give inspection call to company after the all electronics items are produced. Then company’s employee or company’s TPIA(Third Party Inspection Agency who is any company’S Employee or any Third Party)employee goes and check whether material is according to the specifications provided by company or not. If material is perfect then TPIA) give confirmation report to company else it will make NCR (Non Confirmation Report) to the company.

Description :

Our project is Vendor Call Management System which is a web based application which helps Company to purchase all electronic items as per required by their company from perfect vendor.

Here all the three users of the system first has to get registered to the system and can then only login to system with unique User Name and Password.

Vendor first Raises the Inspection Call if he has build all the items. Then a Call Number will be generated and that call will be submitted to the associated Package Incharge.And associated Package Incharge then will take further action on that particular Call.

Company (Package Incharge) manages that raised call and further passes the details of inspection call to the Third Party (TPIA) or any other Company employee already registered with the system and involved with that product. Third Party or the Company employee.

Manager or any higher authority makes decision whether to accept the product without modification or not.

It consists of various modules such as :
  • Registration Module
  • Login Module
  • Raise Inspection Call Module
  • Manage Inspection Call Module
  • Accept/Change Request Module
  • Report Generation Module

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