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Fire Monitoring By Sms & Voice Tag


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05-07-2014 08:06:15

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Anjara Darshana, Gupta Deepshikha

Abstract :

Security is primary concern for everyone.This Project describes a design of effective security alarm system that can monitor with five different sensors.
The main motivation of this project is fire alarming system designed till now.

There is the requirement of such a fire detecting system through which we can take preventive measures before smoke turns into fire flames.This is one of such system which can even detect smoke and inform immediately.

Now the world is of mobile or wireless devices, a communication is done in seconds.This fire detecting system also sends fire alerts through SMS, call with voice tag and conventional fire alarms.

Description :

Security is primary concern for everyone. This Project describes a design of effective fire alarm system with four different sensors. Fire accident and fire detection can be monitored by the status of each individual sensor is displayed in LCD indicated. 
  • The blinking of LED shows whether the sensor has been activated and whether the wiring to the sensor is in order. Obviously, this system also has an input to controller, a tamper input and a couple of outputs to control a siren and Auto dialing system. The alarm is also fitted with a so-called 'panic button'. 
  • Also location of fire within 1km range is announced to dedicated mobile number with voice tag. SMS also send to dedicated Safety engineer with fire location.
  • The aim of this system is to create advanced fire monitoring system which ensures the complete safety from fire.
  • Security is primary concern for everyone.  This  Project  describes  a  design  of effective  fire  alarm  system  with  four  different  sensors.
  • This  project  not  only  include  LDR  for  sensing  fire  by  detecting  light,  it  also  include  smoke  sensor .
  • The  objective  of  this  system  is  to  provide  complete  safety  from  fire  accidents.

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