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Organization Information System


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02-07-2014 08:10:56

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Rutu Mistry, Drashti Trivedi

Abstract :

This project designs and implements OIS to fulfil all the vision statements. Supported by a well designed database, all available information is integrated together and can be accessed easily through a single point. A friendly user interface is provided so that various combinations of search criteria can be fetched from user and generates corresponding database search statements. OIS provided both clients and administration interfaces with the latter used for administration purposes.

It provide a system that efficiently manages the employee details, projects and client details. It would consist of Login and registration by employees, Management of employee details, Management of project details, Management of client details.

Description :

Company has different systems for Human Resource Management, Project management, client details. Searching and tracking of information becomes difficult and time consuming. It also causes trouble to manage large records. 

Main problems are :
  • TIME CONSUMING: There are different systems to managed inter-related data of employees, projects and customers. So, it is very time consuming. 
  • DATABASE IS DISTRIBUTED: Since it has different systems for managing employee, project and client details the records saved in the system memory are at different locations and so a search for the database is tedious. 
  • SEARCH TIME: If user has to search any information it consumes more time. 
With the aim of removing this problems a new system was planned which focuses on the features given below :
  • It provides user friendly tools which provides an ease to use the system.
  • The system now developed will integrate all the various systems of Human Resource Management (HRM), Registration process, management of clients and company/organization details. 
  • There is one login page removing the difficulty of doing login multiple times for access to various systems. Depending on the user type they can access the various pages.
  • The individual tracking of projects by employees become easier as it can be viewed from their profile pages, project progress and the remaining work to be done.
  • Users with given rights can create sub industries and sub-departments, edit contact details about the industries like the address, contact numbers, the board of Directors and other necessary details. 
  • Users with given rights can view and/or edit project details like the project ID, project name, the related industry for the project, the description and other necessary details.
  • Users with given rights can view and/or client details, the industry to which they belong, their contact details, the past project records which may help the industry, the projects which they have currently taken with the company and other necessary details. 
  • This system is one web application by which Employee of the particular company can add the details. Here we have taken Personal Computers of the particular company. 
The greatest advantage of this project is it integrates various systems and thus reduces the problems of storing large database. 
  • The first module is the login module. It would ask the user to enter the username and password to check if the user is an authorized user for company’s  security. 
  • The second module is the Administration module.
  • The third module is the Registration module.
  • The fourth module is the Human Resource Management System (HRM) 

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