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It Service Desk


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01-07-2014 20:33:22

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Trusha Koranne

Abstract :

Today all the work be it Marketing, HR, Procurement, sales etc is impossible without the use of computers.Computers have automated and eased almost all the work with the use of very efficient software, hardware as well as networking facilities.But, with efficiency comes flaws, errors and problems in the system. Problems may be with respect to unresponsiveness, security as well as lack of knowledge of the person using the system.

Thus, a proper maintenance and service work is necessary to keep the efficiency of the systems consistent.

This project “IT SERVICE DESK” is going to be prepared on similar lines. This project will automate servicing work, where an employee can request to service and IT department can respond appropriately.

Apart from that if two employees want to communicate with each other, while they are remotely located from each other Online Tutorials for “IT usage” will also be available in my project to let the Non – IT people of the organization learn the proper use of IT systems.

Thus, my project will be used for maintaining all the Software, Hardware as well as Networking systems function efficiently as well as for online booking, security as well as IT Induction services.

Description :

There is a huge client server interaction and networking between the systems. Here, maintenance and servicing work becomes a necessity.The Need for Service Desk
Security is a problem where employee’s user accounts need to be secure so as to prevent the leakage of important data.Employee should be aware of Company’s as well as IT’s security policies.

It is important for Non – IT staff to appropriately learn the usage of IT systems.
  •  Any employee of the entire company will put a request to the IT Department if there is any Hardware, Software or Networking Problem. The IT Department will respond accordingly online.
  • If any employee wants to book the video conferencing lab for office to office communication then, he/she can see the status whether it has been booked on a particular date. If it is free, he can book the lab and status will be updated.
  • If any employee is about to resign, then he will fill a removal request form stating whatever hardware he has (Pc, Printer etc). The email will be sent to the IT department, who will then remove him from the database to avoid any misuse of the account.
  • This section will contain videos of IT’s Security policies, Malware awareness videos and Tutorials on various IT Technologies.
  • There will be Feedback forms for the employees.
  • Videos on new latest technologies will be updated for employees to able them to solve small technical problems on their own. This will reduce the burden of the IT department and also will prove as a learning session to the employees.

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