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Total Productivity Maintance


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13-08-2014 21:11:25

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Ajay Macwan, Vijay Macwan, Nikhil Patel, Kashyap Gohil, Akash Shah

Abstract :

The observation of our project is totally on NCL Machine. There are so many major and minor problems occur on the NCL machine that reduce the efficiency of machine and production and also affects the operator’s safety. The problems are from mechanical, maintenance, electrical side and common problems too.This problems causes some big losses like Equipment failure/breakdown losses, Set up/adjustment time losses, Idling and minor stop losses, Reduced speed losses, Quality defects and rework and overall efficiency losses. This all losses affects to the malfunctioning production equipment, defective products, rework of job, breakdown of the equipment, decrease in production, increase the maintenance cost and time, decrease the overall efficiency and also life of operator too.

Description :

There are so many major and minor problems that affect the production and safety. These problems cause equipment failure, break down of machine, defects and rework of job, temporary malfunctioning, mini stoppage of machine, increase production time and that decrease total production. And due to this the capital cost and maintenance cost increases, production decreases, machine parts can be damage.
  • The conventional maintenance systems take a lot of time in analysis and providing solution of problem. The main features of preventive maintenance system were that it was condition and time based and against breakdown. Operation until breakdown system included repair and not maintenance. In this conventional system the maintenance is implemented after breakdown of machine takes place it results in stopping of machine so a new system is needed which provides procurement features that prevents breakdown or failure of machine hence machine is not stopped and production is continued and no of accidents tends to zero. 
  • The new system is indeed to improve the production. And new system is required to increase the production and safety of operator’s life and machine life.

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