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Multi Pulse Ac To Dc Converter


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05-08-2014 20:52:35

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Rony Parmar, Udit Satapara, Ronak Makwana, Jainish Patel, Harshal Trikmani

Abstract :

In modern electrical energy conversion the power generating system plays very important role.
It not only facilitation transfer of the mechanical energy into electrical but also conditions the characteristics of the source in such a manner that the output characteristics are equal to those required by the standard of utility and the appliances connected into it.

Thus it can also serve as an interface between the utility and compensate for undesirable effects such as
i. Unbalanced loads
ii. Nonlinear load
iii. Harmonics

Description :

Multipulse  converters  allows a reduction in the size of the filtering element.
In order to ensure the highest “power quality” for our facility.it is necessary to treat harmonics.
Harmonics treatment can be performed by two methods
  • Filtering 
  • Cancellation
In filtering we can use high pass filter and tuned filter.
For cancellation of harmonics we can use harmonic canceling transformer also known as phase shifting transformer.Multipulse converters are converters providing more than six pulses of DC voltage per cycle from AC input.


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