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Bi Directional Inverter


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23-07-2014 19:59:45

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Sunil Vasava, Deepak Vasava, Ketan Vasava

Abstract :

An inverter is an electronic device that produces alternating current (AC) from direct current (DC).It is used to convert direct current electricity by cell.It allows consumer to run electrical equipment. A power supply that produces an AC output, usually from a DC input used to convert independent DC power into standard household AC current.An Inverter output drives the critical load. An Inverter is used in wide range of application, from small switching power supplies to large electric utility applications that transport bulk power.

There are two types of inverter is as following
1) Current source inverter
2) Voltage source inverter

Description :

The device used in voltage source converter is MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor), IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) etc.We can design the voltage source inverter using the devices are GTOS, BJTS PMOSFETS, IGBTS, or SITS can be turned off by control of their base current.Switching-off of the devices with the help of their gate or base current is called commutation.In bidirectional inverter, there are four MOSFETS as switching devices is used. M1 and M2 conduct for positive half cycle and m3 and m4 conduct for negative half cycle.Direction of m1 and m2 are opposite to m3 and m4 Direction. This type of working principle of inverter with four MOSFETS and one winding transformer is term of bidirectional inverter.

Application of inverter :
  • Standby power supply of aircraft.
  • Use for adjustable speed of DC drive.
  • Use for induction heating.
  • Used for HVDC transmission line.

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