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Wildly Important Goals Software


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21-07-2014 19:33:52

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Pranav Kulsherstha, Ritu Sharma

Abstract :

WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) Software is used to achieve the few vital goals to fulfill the purpose of you and your team.In today’s pressure to deliver the
better results the goals need to be well defined with prioritization. The goals need to classified as most important goals i.e. Wildly Important Goals (WIGs)
and less important goals i.e. Pretty Important Goals (PIGs).Thus there is separate software created for this which is known as WIGs Software which is helpful to the employees as well as the organization.WIGs Software is one such system built, which is for the betterment of the organization as well as is beneficial for the Employees in defining their goals specifically.Each Organization can at most have 2 to 3 WIGs for a year and if you achieve these WIGS the year is a successful year and PIGs can be many depending upon the employee.

Description :

WIGSs software uses the concept of 4 Disciplines of Execution which helps the team to define its most important goals that really help in the achievement of the organizational goals and ensures that all the members learn their most important goals and focus to execute them. The WIGs should be specific and clear in a plain language. It should be explicitly linked to a purpose and should be deadline driven and measurable.

The Benefits of Implementing the WIGs Software are:
  • Clarifying the goals, priorities and organizational direction
  • All employees’ at all organizational levels know what they need to do to achieve wildly important goals
  • Every team identifies the most important activities that will lead to achieving those goals and focus on them
  • Every leader has at his/her disposition simple and proven system for building mutual accountability
  • Employees have mutual accountability within the team
  • Execution of each individual becomes transparent and as such can be rated or improved

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