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Seekar's Stop


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01-07-2014 15:02:50

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Bhargav, Archie, Nishant, Darshil

Abstract :

“Seeker’s Stop”is an android application that creates a platform to connect users where they seek for their requirements and expertise available in their own convenient way. The user have to register, where seeker creates his/her profile on the basis of their needs and requirement. And experts register their specialization, work experience and previous work (if any). Here qualification is not a prerequisite.Instant opportunities will be posted on all seeker’s page, and they can apply for it.

User can filter work according to their requirements which can be classified. The seeker can reply to the expert by visiting his/her profile. Notification will help expert as well as seeker in notifying them instant availability.

Description :


1. User Module

  • Registration
  • Login/Log out
  • Change password
  • Manage Profile
  • Delete Profile

2. Notification & Verification Module

  • Push Messages (GSM)
  • E-mail

3. Forum Module

  • FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
  • Feedback

4. Category Module

  • Skill
  • Location

5. Seeker Module

  • Search
  • Filter
  • Comment and Rate
  • Create Instant opportunity

6. Expert Module

  • Information about skills
  • Area availability
  • Previous work

7. Instant Opportunities Module

  • Instant Opportunities Details
  • Time Validity

8. Event Module

  • Description about Events

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